Menlo Security Sample Test Resources

Below are benign examples of various network security challenges which are fully controlled with the Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP)

'HTML Smuggling' file inspection bypass:

Benign files, using "HTML smuggling" to embed files within page content and convert to file downloads in JavaScript within the client browser, evading network inspection but fully handled by MSIP.
Codec EXE - Automatic download on page load

Tax Scam PDF - Click download Button

Tax Scam PDF - Automatic download on page load

DLP Inspection Tests:

Upload user content in a way that is undetectable to traditional network DLP, but is controlled by MSIP.
DLP Test Page

Password protected files:

Zip File:
Word Doc: special-report.docx
PDF: taxtips-pass.pdf

Nested Docs: - XLS, PDF, and Doc nested in Zip

Password = "password"

Simple File Download Examples: - Archive with mixed content - Doc, PDF, XLS, WordPerfect Files
Various Files - EXE, Zip, Eicar, etc.

EICAR dropper Zip PDF

International Domain Phishing

Blocked Phish

Blog detailing Unicode domain issues

Metasploit Drive By Exploits:

Metasploit Exploit Report (PDF)